Image: Jeff Dahl, used under Creative commons

Last year we were immensely proud to announce the launch of our in-house developed free and open source repository software, called Djehuty. With this launch, 4TU.ResearchData was proud to move to a free and open-source software, in support of all our open science efforts and overall vision.

Why Djehuty? Over the last years, 4TU.ResearchData has seen an active community of researchers and support staff around its data repository. We are always listening to the feedback and improvement suggestions from our community and so, the time had come to further shape the technical development of 4TU.ResearchData and work towards sustainable infrastructures together. By joining our efforts and co-developing solutions together, we are not only responding to changing community needs but also supporting open science in general. Taking the strategic decision to move to a free and open source software proved to be the best way forward.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the development of Djehuty, from our technical team, to community managers and members, the 4TU.ResearchData Board, colleagues from partner institutions, non-technical staff and many more… We could not have done it without this wonderful team effort.

Read the full statement of the Djehuty development. 

Click on the image above to watch a demonstration video on how to upload a dataset.