4TU.ResearchData proudly achieved all Skills4EOSC deliverables and milestones due in 2023 - these include the mapping of professional networks across Europe, development of data steward and generic network starter kits, and launch of the first call of the Skills4EOSC fellowship programme. All KPIs with regard to creating new networks were also met with the establishment of nine new open science communities and one new data steward network. In addition, a space within the “RDA professionalising data stewardship Interest Group” was established last year to harmonise data steward networks across Europe and globally.

In 2023, 4TU.ResearchData led the creation of a minimum viable skillset for data stewards which was finalised and presented to the community and to data steward networks. The skillset was also presented at the 2023 Open Science Fair in Madrid.

Finally, 4TU.ResearchData contributed to achievements in other tasks - namely, creation of Skills4EOSC national competence network and creation of an advocacy kit for engaging funders and policymakers.

The Skill4EOSC project
will set up a pan-European
network of competence centres to
speed up the training of European researchers. 4TU.ResearchData’s major contributions in Skills4EOSC are:

  • creating a curriculum for data stewards, by building on the existing work of Research Data Netherlands on the Essentials4DataSupport course, which can be further introduced to other European countries.
  • building Professional Networks for Lifelong Learning – as work package leaders, the work focuses on building data stewards communities in Europe, starting disciplinary communities for FAIR Data and organising a fellowship programme for aspiring data professionals.
  • collaborating with 43 partners from all European countries, as well as connecting 4TU.ResearchData to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).