The Highlights publication was created with the support of the 4TU.ResearchData team and our member institutions.

Design and Layout: Studio RROOK

Editor: Iulia Popescu

Online Magazine Creator: H5mag

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Page 5: Operation Air illustration, Connie Clare

Page 6: People illustrations, StorySet

Page 7: Portrait, Serkan Girgin

Page 10: 0fjd125gk87 on Pixabay

Page 11: Training Team, Digital Curation Centre

Page 14:

  • Worm’s eye-view photography of ceiling, 
    Joshua Sortino on Unsplash
  • Arrows, Geralt on Pixabay
  • Green broccoli closeup, Adi Rahman on Unsplash
  • Body of water during sunset, Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

Page 21: Promotion Banner, Horizon Europe

Page 23: Computer illustration, GraphicBurger

Page 25: Hubert Krekels, WUR