Since the launch of Djehuty in 2023, we have been offered several opportunities for collaboration on the repository software. To highlight some of them:

  • Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, chose Djehuty as its own institutional data repository solution. Through this collaboration we implemented a role-based access model in Djehuty and we streamlined the use of Djehuty as a general data repository.

  • A great example of a community contribution that shows how we effectively address needs through direct collaboration, is the ability to create a scientific visualisation of data via a thumbnail. Datasets for which scientific visualisation has been applied can be foundhere.

  • As part of the TDCC-NES project, we were able to achieve an integration of 4TU.ResearchData with the Research Software Directory. With this integration we improve the visibility, impact and re-use of research software.
  • Through feedback from data stewards we improved the integration of ORCID and 4TU.ResearchData. Furthermore, the user interface for searching the repository was improved based on the design proposals of master students at TU Delft’s UXAD course.

Another milestone in 2023 is 4TU.ResearchData's participation in Open Science NL as one of the covenant parties. Through this partnership, 4TU.ResearchData is making an important contribution to the transition to Open Science in the Netherlands, with the aim of Open Science becoming the official norm.